Healthy Transitions Development Group, Inc.

Welcome to Healthy Transitions Development Group, Inc., a non-profit corporation with a dedicated focus on transforming lives and communities through affordable housing and financial empowerment. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, we extend our reach to serve the communities of Mississippi and Arkansas as well. At HTDG, we believe that every individual and family deserves a chance to achieve the dream of homeownership, and our mission is to make that dream a reality.

Our strategy revolves around three core principles:

Affordable Housing:
We acquire properties to provide affordable housing and homeownership opportunities to families and individuals. We believe that a stable and secure home is the cornerstone of a thriving community.
Financial Literacy:
We provide financial literacy, credit counseling, and job training/placement assistance. Empowering our clients with financial knowledge is key to ensuring they make informed decisions throughout their homeownership journey.
Community Revitalization:
We target blighted properties to enhance neighborhoods, improve communities, and transform lives. By eliminating blight and promoting revitalization, we create an environment that boosts economic development, maximizes tax revenues, and stabilizes communities.

Our Impact:

At Healthy Transitions Development Group, Inc., our services have proven to be life-changing for many of our clients. We are committed to making homeownership a reality, and we look forward to forging collaborations that extend the reach of our services within the City of Memphis and Shelby. We invite you to join us on this journey of transformation and empowerment, where every individual and family can thrive through affordable housing and financial education.


Our commitment to these objectives has earned us recognition and support from various quarters:

  • In 2015, Healthy Transitions received the Best of Olive Branch Award in the Construction Service & Supply category from the Olive Branch Award Program.
  • We’ve been featured in news reports on Local 24 (ABC), WREG-TV, and the Commercial Appeal, showcasing our dedication to making a positive impact on the community.
  • Our Operations Director, Antonio Abram, has been a featured consultant in news reports, educating potential homebuyers about programs and opportunities available in the Mid-South, such as grants for individuals with disabilities, down payment and closing cost assistance, and credit rebuilding plans.

Our Collaborations:

We work closely with various government agencies, realtors, lending institutions, and closing attorneys to secure the most cost-effective rates and loans necessary to provide affordable housing. Some of these collaborations include:

Rural Development:
We’ve been approved to submit completed 502 loan packages on behalf of low to very low-income applicants. We simplify the process, expedite loan approvals, and ensure a swift transition to homeownership.
Tennessee Housing Department Agency (THDA):

We’re proud to partner with THDA in The Hardest Hit Fund Blight Elimination Program (BEP). This program strategically targets blighted properties, reduces foreclosures, promotes neighborhood stabilization, and maintains property values.

Mississippi Home Corporation (MHC):

Under the authority of Mississippi House Bill 530 (HB530), we’ve secured a line of credit worth $750,000 to provide affordable housing to low to very low-income individuals.

Oxford Housing Authority:

Our collaboration here helps create affordable low-income housing for clients of the Oxford Housing Authority, assisting them in their journey towards homeownership.

Home of Your Own (HOYO):

We partner with HOYO to secure grants of up to $25,000 for individuals and families with disabilities, supporting their efforts to obtain and maintain homeownership.

Coahoma Opportunities Incorporation:

Our collaboration aims to reduce poverty, revitalize communities, and empower disenfranchised individuals and families to achieve financial stability and homeownership.

Local Officials:
We join hands with local officials and city representatives in communities like Memphis Shelby County, Clarksdale, Batesville, Olive Branch, Bolivar, and Aberdeen. Together, we conduct educational workshops and services that promote neighborhood stabilization and property value preservation by addressing blighted structures and enhancing communities.

Success Stories

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Healthy Transitions strives to develop a greater community of financially responsible individuals and families that will thrive for generations to come. Through collaboration with community partners and financial institutions, Healthy Transitions is dedicated to providing unsurpassed redevelopment, revitalization, financial education, and services to those who need it most.


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1840 Pyramid Place Ste 320, Memphis, TN 38134